Ferrari’s reaction to sanctions

Keen to respond to the new lockdown policies announced by the Italian government on Saturday evening, Ferrari takes action.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic that has been affecting Italy for the past few weeks, the Italian government announced on Sunday 8 March that it will impose a quarantine on some 15 million people living in the north of the country.


At the heart of this restricted area is the headquarters of the Italian Ferrari factory in Maranello, meaning that the Italian team’s employees are also subject to the same containment constraints as their fellow-Italians.

However, some exceptions may be accepted, for example if the move is “for duly verified professional requirements and emergency situations, for health reasons.”

The travel of Ferrari employees to Australia has consequently been called into question in recent hours and doubts about the Scuderia Ferrari’s very participation in the first round of the 2020 season have quickly emerged.

But through a press release sent out on Sunday afternoon, the Maranello team confirms that it will indeed take part in the 2020 Australian Grand Prix and that part of the team is already there.

For the rest of the staff who have not yet arrived in Australia, Ferrari assures that departures are proceeding as planned for the time being.

“Following the measures announced by the Italian government last night, we are monitoring and assessing the situation and are in close contact with the relevant authorities and all organisations involved. ”

“For Ferrari, compliance with government regulations is the main guarantee to ensure the safety of its employees and their families, which is our priority. Every decision will be made in accordance with this principle.

“Some of the team and equipment have already arrived in Melbourne and the departures for the rest of the team are proceeding as planned, unless we receive communications to the contrary. ”

The 2020 Australian Grand Prix will take place from March 13th to the 15th on the street circuit of Albert Park in Melbourne.




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