An apology

TJ13 regrets that last week we published an article quoting journalist Christian Nimmervoll on a piece involving Ferrari and the FIA.

Unfortunately, we misquoted Christian whose original article was published in German, due to some ambiguous translation results via automated translation software.

Christian got in touch with TJ13 late last week and requested the article be taken down as it was felt that the quote written in English under his name wasn’t accurate and could well damage his reputation. Of course, as soon as we heard about the issue we did exactly that and un-published the article in question.

Certainly, we would not wish to damage the credibility of any journalist who earns their crust reporting on Formula 1 and other motorsports. TJ13 content is often generated by F1 fans who like to contribute to the Formula 1 story, but in the future, stricter editing guidelines will now be in place to help ensure this doesn’t happen again.

TJ13 sincerely wishes to apologise to Christian.



5 responses to “An apology

    • Like typical BLM people they refuse to give credit where it’s due. It’s white people who forwarded their case to be treated as equal. If white people hadn’t given them their, very first,
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  1. Good!
    I like your approach and understand how it works so for me no problems at all. You’re definitely not one of the “monkeys with typewriters” some journos like to call out. But that’s hard for some to grasp

  2. The F1 should be boycotted if Sir Lewis Hamilton is not declared the winner of the Abu Dhabi race. Versappen should and must be stripped of the title, that’s the only thing that makes sense. If Sir Hamilton is not declared the winner I would never ever watch another F1 race whether Sir Hamilton participates or not, can’t believe that even in sport this kind of naked racismn exists and is condoned by the powers that be. Sir Lewis Hamilton won the race plain and simple.

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