Ferrari impacted by Coronavirus restrictions

Mattia Binotto, has requested clarification from the FIA and F1 regarding the coronavirus threat for the first races of the season – Indeed, already Ferrari are experiencing restrictions preventing people from entering the Factory.

The director of Scuderia Ferrari would like to know what effect the coronavirus epidemic could have on his team’s employees during the first races of the year.

Ferrari, based in Maranello not far from the coronavirus red zone in Italy, is particularly concerned about travel restrictions for its employees around the world, as is the Faenza-based AlphaTauri team.


Indeed, for a few days now, some countries [including Australia and Bahrain] have decided to apply restrictions on the entry into their territory of people arriving directly from high-risk areas [Italy, China, Singapore…].

These restrictions are of particular concern to the director of the Scuderia Ferrari, who is asking the FIA and Formula One for clarification as to whether he can send his staff to the Grand Prix without running the risk of them remaining “blocked”.

However, it should be pointed out that for the moment the Australian authorities have not extended these measures to visitors from other countries where the transmission of the Coronavirus has recently progressed (South Korea, Japan, European countries).

However, enhanced health control measures at the borders will be deployed for visitors from these countries.

Mattia Binotto nevertheless asked for clarification on the situation and pointed out that four teams could be impacted since Ferrari supplies its engine to Haas and Alfa Romeo.


“We are in contact with Formula One and the FIA to understand the situation in their contacts with the governments of Australia, Bahrain and Vietnam. We are in contact with the Formula One and the FIA to understand the situation in the contacts they have with the governments of Australia, Bahrain and Vietnam,” explained Binotto on Friday evening in Barcelona.

“It is important for us to know what the situation is before travelling to Australia in a week’s time. 

“We can’t afford to find out what the situation is once we get there. We need to find out first, because we need to protect our employees. 

“We have collective responsibilities, so it’s important to know what the scenario will be and whether everything is right before we leave. 

“We are not just two teams involved – Ferrari and AlphaTauri – because we also supply our engines to Haas and Alfa Romeo. 

“So it would be four teams and Pirelli. What would be the situation if four teams couldn’t run, I don’t know. 

“We have to leave for Australia within a week. Formula One and the FIA are talking to local authorities and promoters. We know that people arriving from Italy can have difficulties, so we need to understand what will happen if something goes wrong. 

“As Ferrari, we try to protect our employees as much as possible. Formula 1 and the FIA have to make sure that everything goes well. I think the plan will continue as it has always been up to now with Australia and then Bahrain, but the situation can change quickly. 

“We are concerned about the situation, especially in northern Italy. At the plant, we have already put in place certain measures to protect our employees. People from outside Ferrari cannot enter the factory. ”




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