Red Bull final say on Vettel returning – Possible McLaren connection

Helmut Marko has rejected the idea of Sebastian Vettel returning to Red Bull as long as Max Verstappen is in the team.

Rumours of a possible departure of Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari fuelled discussions last year. The German’s jagged performances even allowed some observers to say the four-time world champion would retire.

But with the game of musical chairs looming for transfers in 2021, another possibility has arisen for the current Ferrari driver, and one that TJ13 speculated on some months ago READ MORE ON THAT HERE. A return to Red Bull Racing…


Vettel, according to some sources close to the German, is very much vocal about how he doesn’t have the unconditional backing he had at Red Bull. Whereas at Ferrari, the Italian press attacks him after every mistake.

The team has put their faith now in Leclerc with a lengthy contract extension, whereas the bosses at Ferrari have left Vettel hanging.


A return to his Championship winning team, Red Bull, could be the only choice left for the German. But even though the Vettel has never publicly mentioned the idea, Helmut Marko, one of the Austrian team managers, was keen to clarify the situation.

“With the extension of Max’s contract, I can hardly imagine the two V’s being with us. From a simple financial point of view it would be very difficult. ” said the Austrian to the German


This is enough to put rumours to rest for at least a few months since Max Verstappen recently extended his contract with Red Bull until 2023.

However, Marko is full of praise for his former protégé, whom he still considers to be one of the best drivers on the gird.

“If Sebastian feels comfortable and has a car that suits him perfectly, then he’s definitely there.” praises Marko,

“Sebastian is a very simple athlete, who doesn’t want to know much about politics and doesn’t want conflict.

“Leclerc has an advantage with his manager (Nicolas) Todt, who is certainly very good in all these areas. But he (Vettel) can counter that with his performances. ” says the Red Bull boss.


Vettel to McLaren?

TJ13 has reported this possibility before back in December, and actually it does have some ‘legs’ in terms of plausibility.

Sebastian Vettel and Andreas Seidl, the McLaren team boss, certainly have some history and worked together before when they were both at BMW Sauber, Seidl worked there as an engineer alongside a very young Vettel.

Further, Vettel is said to have contacted his old acquaintance again in order to inquire about the possibilities of working together in 2021.

When quizzed about the rumour by the German media, the McLaren boss claimed that they are “happy with our two drivers. They are the future for McLaren,” says McLaren team boss Seidl at the request of “,” but misses the opportunity to clearly deny the “Marca” report when he says:

“We won’t participate in these speculations….” grinning afterwards.

Clearly there has been discussions then… CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER READING ON THIS SILLY SEASON STORY



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