Honda ruins Alonso’s last hopes of a return to F1, for good

The animosity that has reigned for several years between the Japanese manufacturer and the two-time Formula 1 world champion has finally got the better of the latter.

A return to F1 now seems almost impossible for the Spaniard, as Honda has just taken away the last remaining chance he had to return to the top level.


The Japanese engine manufacturer has decided that Fernando Alonso will no longer drive a car equipped with their engine. The Spaniard, who was hoping to sign a contract with Red Bull for the 2021 season, was therefore deprived of that opportunity.

In addition, Alonso was on the verge of signing a contract with Andretti Autosport (powered by Honda) to take part in this year’s Indianapolis 500 miles race.

He was finally denied the deal at the last minute after being vetoed by senior Honda executives based in Tokyo. TJ13 understands that multiple calls to Andretti Autosport and Honda to discuss the matter went unreturned.

With only three months to go before the race, he has very few options left. Either he chooses to race with a mid-stage team or he simply decides not to participate in the event.


A fews days ago, TJ13 reported that Alonso admitted he shouldn’t have had made derogatory comments about Honda during the Japanese GP when the manufacturer powered his McLaren. Certainly a big reason why Honda have vetoed Alonso.

“I said it out of frustration, maybe I shouldn’t have said it. But I didn’t say it for television or at the press conference, I was just talking to my engineer, it was a private conversation. It was a private conversation,” explained Fernando Alonso in an interview with F1Racing.

“It wasn’t supposed to be public, but the engine was very bad. The first year in Jerez [in the winter tests] we only completed seven laps in four days…

“Now Honda is winning races and I am getting messages saying that the GP2 Engine has won and it should be a very sad day for me.

“I’m very happy for them, but the engine that was in my car at the time was not the same one they won with in Brazil [in 2019].” 



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  1. Omg- been watching F1 since the 70s- I’m so pissed at Honda- I’ve sold over 3000honda_acuras- I ride them- own them- have an 1999 s2000- I sold the first nsx in Colorado-Bret Taylor- pissed- u aren’t going to hire Fernando- I’m serious- u little bitches- so Fernando said u guys are F2- or whatever- FU- Hire who then?- u dumbasses- serious- Fernando made indy relelvenat again- fuck Tony George- I’m so pissed- hes better than Lewis- hes not as funny as Kimi but hes funnier then Daniel- haha- Shumy respected the spainiard- I could go on and on- my last thing is this- I love racing- since I was a midget- i love motocross / f1/rally/nascar/ endurance racing/ whatever- I probably sound like an upset American Democrat- but my gosh Honda- wtf- your so petty- Fernando is a absolutely the best chance u got- hurts!?

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