Mercedes’ new announcement on Lewis Hamilton’s future

While Lewis Hamilton’s future has been the talk of the town in recent weeks, Toto Wolff talks about the future of the six-time World Champion.

Under contract until the end of next season, Lewis Hamilton is at the heart of many discussions. It must be said that in 2021, a revolution awaits Formula 1 with major changes to the regulations which could well upset the grid and lead to several upheavals even within the top teams – that is the intended consequence for Liberty and the FIA.


For example, Lewis Hamilton’s name is being circulated by Ferrari to replace Sebastian Vettel, although an extension at Mercedes is still possible, as Toto Wolff explains:

“I don’t think any good sports team is static. That means that there will always be changes, and change is something that can also offer opportunities.

“So while I still hope very much that our relationship will continue, I don’t have total control over that. There’s no doubt that Lewis is a very strong pillar of the team.

“I think the values we have are the same. Ethics and integrity are absolutely number one. And understanding Lewis’ position and goals will be key to any decision we make.

“We’re not going to embark on a fishing expedition for potential drivers until Lewis and I, Lewis and we, have this conversation about an extension.

“I still believe that as long as we are able to produce a fast car and a powerful engine, we will have the opportunity to decide who drives the car. And there’s no doubt that keeping Lewis is our priority,” concludes Wolff


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