Ricciardo responds to Ferrari rumour

Regularly linked Ferrari, Daniel Ricciardo assures all that he is focusing on the 2020 F1 season with Renault before looking ahead to the future.

Like many drivers, Daniel Ricciardo’s contract will end in 2020. And although he has said several times that his priority is to extend his contract with Renault, his name circulates regularly at Ferrari where Sebastian Vettel is in the same contractual situation as the Australian.

And a departure of the four-time World Champion is regularly mentioned, which gives rise to many rumours about the name of the driver who will be teaming up with Charles Leclerc.


Daniel Ricciardo is often among the drivers mentioned. Rumours that the former Red Bull driver was happy to comment on, published in the Times.

“I have the impression that my name will always be there. I’ve always been linked to that [Ferrari team], no doubt with my Italian roots. 

“But it’s still nice to still be mentioned. In the meantime, 2020 remains my priority and I hope that this season will go well and that I’ll stay in the team. It’s the simplest scenario and that’s what I want,”

As Max Verstappen’s new F1 deal with Red Bull seems to have drawn attention away from the emerging ‘silly season’, Ricciardo’s name could be one of the key movers in next years’ anticipated grid shake up.

One of the senior writers for F1.com believes that Hamilton is likely to now remain at Mercedes saying:

“With Verstappen no longer a possibility and Hamilton’s chances of a move to Ferrari slim, both the Briton and Mercedes are fairly even and it’s now likely to be only a question of when – not if – the duo will agree a deal,”

If Hamilton doesn’t head to Ferrari, then Ricciardo could well be a prime candidate to partner Leclerc.

Both drivers are friendly toward each other, and Ferrari might see that as a prime opportunity to bring some stability to the team. Leclerc and Vettel had several clashes throughout the year, most famously the collision in the Brazilian Grand Prix.



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