Australian disaster: Hamilton & Ricciardo appeal to you

Formula 1 drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton have called on F1 fans around the world to donate to charity to help people affected by the severe bush fires in Australia.

Since September, terrible fires have hit Australia, killing dozens of people, killing millions of animals and burning millions of hectares.


On Monday, 6 January, thousands of army reservists were deployed to fire-ravaged areas in three states, just after a particularly catastrophic weekend in which vast areas went up in smoke in a matter of hours.

Through social networks, Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo has published a message asking fans to donate to charities to help people.

“To anyone who can do something, please donate! “says the Renault driver on his Instagram account.

“There are a number of charities, such as the Australian Red Cross and WIRES, that are dedicated to animals. I myself have made a donation to these two charities, so please do the same if you can. »

For his part, Lewis Hamilton has also posted a message on his Instagram account asking fans to do something to help Australia, with the Brit having also posted several links to charities.

If you too want to help, you can click on this link which will redirect you directly to the WIRES website.





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