Last night: Verstappen talks about his future at Red Bull Honda

Last night’s “Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar-7” aired on Austrian’s ServusTV, eight-time F1 Grand Prix winner Max Verstappen, talks about his future at Red Bull Racing Honda and a test with the MotoGP machine.

Verstappen and Red Bull motorsport consultant Dr Helmut Marko, were guests on the ServusTV programme “Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar-7” in Salzburg, where an end-of-year gala was celebrated. The eight-time Grand Prix winner from the Netherlands was in a very good mood.


“We just had our Christmas party now with the team in Silverstone, we also drove a lap on the race track.”

Commenting on the 2019 Formula 1 season, Jos Verstappen’s son said: “I’m delighted with the praise I’m getting from many sides. But of course I wanted to win more races last year. We all want more in the team.”

“In 2019 my victory at Spielberg was the best. Everything came together there. It was the first victory for Honda and there were so many Dutch fans there as well.”


When asked about Lewis Hamilton recently sitting on Valentino Rossi’s MotoGP bike was asked if Verstappen imagine doing something like that?

“Unfortunately I can’t try such a bike,” grinned Verstappen towards the retired five-time World Champion Jorge Lorenzo, who was also one of the guests in Salzburg. Commenting on the upcoming contract extension at Red Bull Racing and rumours that Lewis Hamilton will be negotiating with Ferrari, Verstappen said:

“Yes, he met with Ferrari, but that was Lewis… Everything is going very well for me and I’m very relaxed about the contract. I have a good feeling about this team.”

Helmut Marko added “I’ll talk to his manager, we don’t want to burden Max with this ourselves.”


Commenting on Zandvoort’s GP come back next year in front of his own fans, Verstappen said: “It will be cool. Thanks to the construction measures, it’s now possible to overtake. I can’t say how we like the track. I hope next year every track will be a Red Bull Racing track”.

Niki Lauda, who died last May, was a big topic in Hangar-7. 

“Niki was a real racer, an incredible guy. At the table he often analysed the whole race together with Helmut Marko.

“Lauda has achieved a lot, and I have great respect for it.”




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