Leclerc speaks out after Brazil’s crash

After the literal ‘car crash’ of last weekend’s F1 race in Brazil, Leclerc promises, “There’ll be no more accidents between me and Vettel.”

“We must be less aggressive among ourselves. Seb called me to give me his opinion, I gave him mine, then we talked to Binotto. But the harmony between the two remains subdued”.


Charles Leclerc is not going to lose even for reasons of ‘playing the team game’, but he says he has understood when he must apply restraint in the heat of competition.

“An accident like this will not happen again, we must be less aggressive between us” explains Charles.

Sebastian and Charles never saw each other again after that crash, the clarification happened at a distance via telephone. It is significant that the first to call has been Vettel, the one who had clearly more responsibility for the incident.

“He called me on Monday or Tuesday after the race to give me his point of view on the accident. I gave him mine. First we talked to each other and then we had a three-way conversation with Mattia Binotto, we discussed how to deal with similar situations in the future”.

“We’re not at this point. We’ll continue to duel, but we have to leave more space, that’s how we’ll do it”

He has reviewed the video several times, and admits there was shared responsibility:

“I could have done more to avoid it when he moved to the left and he could have gone to the right.

“I had no doubt that he would call me, we are two who know how to distinguish men from others,

The private wrist slap from the team principal and the public anger of President John Elkann, together with the threats of financial penalties, have calmed the spirits.

The problem is to redefine the balance for the next season, the “free to race” seems a utopia but also a system that would be difficult to manage. Remember Nico and Lewis.


In this championship Seb started as team leader, Leclerc in a few months has overturned all hierarchies: also the extension of the contract with some serious increases in money, about 14 million per season.

After a precarious existence in the past, with Leclerc admitting that “I have never spent more than a year in the same team”, the Monegasque has a home – Maranello.

Proven I might add by the the dinner offered to the team on Wednesday evening in the luxurious restaurant on the beach of the St. Regis hotel by Lerclerc.

“I hope to stay here as long as possible, it means that we will have won”.

Vettel, on the other hand, will expire at the end of 2020 and without any certainty for the future.




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