Horner’s suspicions of Ferrari

Red Bull and in particular Christian Horner continues to be sceptical about the Ferrari team’s decline in form following a technical directive sent by the FIA.

From the Belgian Grand Prix onwards, Ferrari dominated the other competitors with a series of pole positions and victories, which enabled the Italian team to save its season, relatively speaking, after a complicated first half of the year.


Ferrari’s competitors questioned this sudden increase in the SF90’s performance level, and it was not until the FIA sent a technical directive before the US Grand Prix that Ferrari’s performance suddenly declined.

For Ferrari team manager Mattia Binotto, this is just a coincidence, but for the competing teams, especially the Red Bull manager, it is hard to believe that Ferrari has stood idly by, even though the Horner does not directly blame the Scuderia – at least not openly.

“In Hungary, we could have passed Ferrari [in the championship] without the second pit stop and only four weeks later[at the start of the season in Belgium], they started a series of pole positions at each Grand Prix. ” explains Horner to AMuS.

“It was quite difficult to understand because the other three engine manufacturers evolved together.

“Only Ferrari stood out. Then, in two races [after the DT had been sent], Ferrari reduced its lead in a straight line. No matter what happened, but everyone can have their own opinion.” concludes Horner.

Red Bull will finish the World Manufacturers’ Championship in third place this year. Milton Keynes’ team is 88 points behind Ferrari before the last race of the year in Abu Dhabi.


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  1. Horner:s suspicions maybe true due to the sudden dip in the performance of Ferrari and this is highly noticeable I’m the last three.races. And the sudden upsurge in the performance of Redbull Honda makes it more suspicious so bother Red Bull and.Ferrari should be investigated about this and Mercedes? They should be investigated with the advanced knowledge of the tires that is going to be used in the 2019 season
    And so this top three racing teams have all issues under their names and none of them can claim that they never cheated during this season….

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