Horner: The real reason Gasly failed, & why Max didn’t compete

Horner admits it, the new front wing has not made it easy for Pierre Gasly, and believes that the new aero rules for the wing introduced this year in F1 have had a real negative impact on the RB15’s performance, thus costing them a shot at Championship contention.

Introduced this season in F1 to improve the spectacle by encouraging overtaking, the new, wider front wing was not suitable for the Red Bull’s aerodynamic concept according to Horner.

Christian Horner admits that this new front wing has made driving the RB15 much more complicated, which could explain the difficulties Pierre Gasly encountered at the beginning of the season.

“Red Bull has suffered because our aerodynamic design relies heavily on the front wing. ” Christian Horner told AMUS.

“It also determines the impact on the rest of the car. As a result, the car reacted very sensitively on the track. It took us some time to understand and optimise this.”

“The car was simply difficult to adjust and drive, especially in strong winds like in Bahrain. Nevertheless, we achieved good results at the beginning of the season. We qualified on the second row in Melbourne and even made it to the podium.”

“We almost won in Monte Carlo, we were faster than Hamilton, but we had no luck with the pit stop.”

Indeed, the rhetoric from Red Bull back in 2018 when the new front wing change was mooted, has always been critical and claimed it was an unnecessary expense.

Further, TJ13 readers may recall the surprise admission from Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko, that it was Adrian Newey that had failed in 2019, and it was the famous aero ‘guru’ who was “deep in thought” to turn things around. It was not the Honda Power Unit. (READ FULL STORY)


Back to the AMuS article, and when asked if the difficult aero issues was the reason why Pierre Gasly was slower than Max Verstappen, Horner replied: “Max has an incredible talent. It can adapt to anything.”

“Pierre[Gasly] felt the problems much more clearly. As a result, the gap between the two was very large.”

“Ferrari and Mercedes really wanted this front wing, but I think they have now understood that it only costs money and doesn’t make the races better. In my opinion, it was an unnecessary expense,” concludes Horner.





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