Hamilton says who will be title challengers next year

A three-way fight in the 2020 Formula 1 season would be an amazing prospect for fans, and that’s exactly what Lewis Hamilton expects next year.

Ferrari has caught up with Mercedes in the course of the season and the combination Red Bull with Honda is also slowly picking up speed. The development of the Japanese engine manufacturer in particular gives the Englishman hope for an exciting season for fans.


In contrast to the 2019 season, in which Mercedes clinched its sixth consecutive constructor’s title, Ferrari and Red Bull will also be able to be at the front from the start. This was not the case this year, because Ferrari had many problems at the beginning of 2019. Red Bull first had to get along with Honda, which is why there have only been three victories on the credit side so far this season. There was no real danger for Mercedes.

Hamilton, however, predicts strong Red Bulls for the 2020 season: “Honda has taken big steps forward and it’s great that another manufacturer is so strong. Hopefully next year we’ll have a real three- or even four-race in Formula 1.”

Verstappen is also very optimistic about the upcoming championship: “I think Honda is on the right track. We’ve improved enormously during the season and I’m very happy about that”.

But the Honda power is not the only reason why Hamilton expects a close fight. He also sees youngsters in the limelight.

“In Formula 1 there are many young talents with great potential and they are the future of sport,” said the soon to be six-time World Champion. “I’m looking forward to the future and racing with the guys. As the teams get closer, we’ll see more fights like in Brazil.”




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  1. Honda ‘slowly’ picking up speed…….that’s a strange way to express their progress!
    Let’s hope that there are no more rocks in the races next year.

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