Raikkkonen copies Hamilton, but in a far more controversial manner

Kimi Raikkkonen has decided to launch his own clothing brand, following Lewis Hamilton’s lead, and the Finn decided to collaborate with the controversial West Coast Choppers brand.

Founded in the early 1990s, West Coast Choppers is dedicated to selling choppers (customised motorcycles), clothing and motorcycle accessories. A major controversy occurred in 2004 over West Coast Choppers.

Using the iron cross in its logos, the brand was banned in 2004 from schools in the Simi Valley district (California, USA) in response to violence between black and white students.


Its founder, Jesse James, made a lot of headlines recently because of a photo published on social networks where he was seen performing a Nazi salute. He defended himself by saying that it was just a joke and that his brand does not represent this ideology in any way.

A major marketing move with the presence of Kimi Raikkonen in its ranks to restore its image, West Coast Choppers, which has been in financial difficulty for several years, hopes to be able to rebound by targeting a different type of clientele.

Raikkonen, who is unquestionably (and rather strangely) popular all over the world, will undoubtedly be a good springboard for American company.

Jesse James said after the launch of his new clothing line Kimi by West Coast Choppers:

“I needed someone to represent the brand and at the same time I wanted to create a brand.

“I think Kimi is the ideal person for that.

“I am very happy that he has agreed to join us.”

According to James, many distribution professionals have already contacted his company due to Kimi joining, and the marketing of Kimi by West Coast Choppers products will begin in 2020.



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