Vettel’s message to Hamilton haters

Sebastian Vettel did not hesitate a second. The German went to Lewis Hamilton in the waiting room before the podium ceremony to congratulate his rival on the title in a fair sporting manner.

It is Hamilton’s sixth overall and the third in a row. It was a short but intense exchange. The respect between the two Formula 1 superstars is not new. Vettel was once again the defeated one, and this year even without being a serious candidate for the title. But he has no problem acknowledging the performance of his competitor.


“If someone wins the title six times, he deserves everything. I told him that too,” Vettel revealed what he had said to the Englishman.

“Performance that’s achieved has to be recognised. You mustn’t forget the performance behind it, both from his side and from Mercedes. If that’s hard for you, you’re a stupid idiot.” manna to the ears of those dedicated Hamilton supporters that have gained somewhat of a reputation for blind devotion.


If you catch a whiff of a win in a few races before the end despite everything, it’s not out of luck or out of the blue, “but there’s a reason: they’re still the team that works best together and underlines that almost every weekend,” says Vettel.

It’s fair to say that the Silver Arrows and Hamilton as a unit that is hard to beat. And that for six seasons now.

“That makes it hard for us and others to get to it. But we’re not giving up. We can and must continue to improve in order to keep up. I believe in our team. We have the right people. We just have to bring it better together.”

Vettel added that to journalists that he would like to read some nice stories about Hamilton now: “I think now is the time for you to write as many good things as possible”.





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  1. “manna to the ears of those dedicated Hamilton supporters that have gained somewhat of a reputation for blind devotion”

    I think its unfair to single out Lewis fans for particular attention here…. the same could be said of die-hard fans of any driver – especially the dutch

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