Verstappen losing patience with Red Bull?

How long does Max Verstappen’s patience last? This question is currently being put to the test at Red Bull. Because in the second half of the season, the 21-year-old was no longer able to get at the top spot.

The Dutchman is “disappointed”, or so father Jos Verstappen recently announced. Only next year will he be able to become the youngest World Champion of all time. Time is short to the race against Sebastian Vettel, the current record holder for that accolade.


“I wasn’t really disappointed, but of course I wasn’t happy either. But that’s quite normal,” he said in Japan on Thursday. “That was a really boring race for me. You’re always happier when you win or when you’ve driven an exciting race.”

The recent races weren’t his “strongest”, Verstappen knows.

“I think we can do better than that. But it would have been wrong to smile into the cameras after Sochi. We have to keep pushing.”

Helmut Marko wants to celebrate three more victories in 2019, but Red Bull has slipped back to third place in the standings.

What does that mean for the future? The self-confessed ‘best team’ will only be able to hold its own after 2020 if it is provided with a competitive car. Max’ contract expires at the end of next year with Red Bull. By then he is supposed to be world champion because only then he will be able to break Sebastian Vettel’s age record. The Red Bull promise to the youngster could come crashing down all too soon.

The gap to Mercedes and Ferrari could not be closed. “The team has to change some things to be able to fight for the title.” Otherwise you run the risk that 2020 will be “another lost year”, ‘papa’ Verstappen (Jos) noted. READ MORE HERE

Rather, Jos’ son Max claims he’s less worried about the future and is in no hurry: “I’m not too worried. I just want to win and do my best. And that’s what the team is trying to do.” says Verstappen Jr.

But first, they want to win the Honda home race. A podium is “definitely” the goal. “Let’s see how the weather plays along. But of course we’ll try to give our best and clinch a good result.”



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