Correa makes first video appearance since accident

Juan Manuel Correa, who was seriously injured in August during a Formula 2 race at the Spa circuit in Belgium, made his first appearance on social networks.

The Ecuadorian driver, who underwent a major leg operation last week, published a short video in which he sends a message to the family of Anthoine Hubert, who died from his injuries in this accident. Below is an approximate transcript.

“Hello, I’m back, I decided to go back to social media…it’s been a rough five weeks after the accident. ” explains Juan Manuel Correa.

“I have never said it publicly, but I would like to express my deepest condolences to the Hubert family. It’s been a shock to everyone that such an accident happened, and you never really think that something like this could happen, especially to you, until it does”

“I am grateful to be here, even though I have a long road to recovery and it is still not certain if I will ever be 100% recovered. But I am very grateful to be alive and very grateful to the people who have with me over the past five weeks and for the family that I have and the support they have given me. Without them, I wouldn’t have made it, it’s that simple. ”

“It changed my life and the way I see things and think about life and everything in general. It’s been a life changing experience. I would also like to thank you for all your messages of support from people, the people I don’t even know personally. I have read them all, I have spent whole days reading them [and trying to answer them all.]”

“The situation is what it is, I have already accepted it. I can’t be more optimistic than I am now. Next Monday, I’ll have another operation, the last one in London. ”

“In early November, I will travel to Miami to see my siblings and begin my recovery, which should take between 10 to a year before I know how good or bad my right foot is. ”

“For the moment, I have a metal frame and I can’t move my foot at all, it’s still healing and will be there for 8 to 10 months, we’ll see what happens. But I’m positive because there’s nothing else I can do. I’d rather that than be depressed, I’ll keep you informed of everything that’s going on. ”



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