Kubica future plans

It is no secret that Robert Kubica could land in the DTM in 2020. After the 2019 Formula 1 season the paths of Kubica and Williams will separate, and Audi Sport Director Dieter Gass has already confirmed to “Motorsport-Total.com” that there was contact with Kubica’s management

The Pole is “definitely an interesting driver, also for the entire series”.

“I last spoke to Dieter [Gass] maybe three or four years ago. But it’s true that the DTM could be my goal,” confirms Kubica himself, who doesn’t yet want to reveal what other options he has on his note. He will communicate news “at the right time” and only when “things have been clarified”.


“I would say it should be settled before the Formula 1 season is over – or even earlier,” announces Kubica. But it is “difficult” to set a concrete deadline.

“I don’t think there are many different championships I could land in,” he says, explaining that his current focus is on this year anyway and his job at Williams.

What is clear, however, is that Kubica 2020 definitely wants to race actively. He has little desire for a pure job as a simulator driver. “I definitely don’t rule it out, but I would say that the chances are very slim,” he explains, saying that after his comeback he has no great interest in sitting “100 days in a dark room” and doing heaps of laps.

“I’ve done enough of that in my life,” smiles Kubica, who makes it clear that his “primary concern” is to sit in a real cockpit next year. “I want to drive. I’ve put a lot of energy [into my comeback] and I don’t think it’s going to show this year. Or let’s say it’s not reflected in the results and the other things,” Kubica explains.

Kubica has his first Formula 1 season since 2010 this year, but he’s behind in the losing Williams and is regularly slower than teammate and rookie George Russell. “I’m very confident that I can still deliver when I’m in the right place and in the right car,” says the now 34-year-old fighting fiercely.

“I haven’t raced since 2010,” he recalls and adds: “I don’t want to sound mean, but … Of course we’re racing. It’s not like we go out and drive the car around the track. […] But wheel to wheel and on the same level I haven’t driven since 2010.” This is not possible this year because the disadvantage of the Williams FW42 is “too big”.

Kubica helped Williams off the track
“If you’ve ever driven further up the grid, it’s different. I always say that Formula 1 changes a lot with which row you start from. Racing also feels different,” explains Kubica, who finally wants to fight other drivers on the track again in 2020. Williams’ Chief Race Engineer Dave Robson believes he can do the same.

“I think he still has a lot to offer. I don’t think he would have any problems in any big series. He has absolutely all the qualities you need,” says Robson and explains: “A lot of things have changed since he was last in Formula 1. And it didn’t help that he was in a non-competitive car.”

Nevertheless, Kubica always remained positive and pushed the team forward. “He is very demanding and knows what he wants. And he’s right,” says Robson and reveals: “It wasn’t easy [at the start of the season] to give him what he wanted. That was frustrating for everyone.” But with his demanding attitude, he helped the team make progress.

“Unfortunately this didn’t happen this year, but his contribution is very big,” says Robson, explaining that it’s difficult to make a sporting assessment of him. “Much will depend on how well George turns out,” he broods. In the qualifying duel the rookie is in front with 16:0. But Kubica scored Williams’ only point to date in 2019. He finished tenth in the chaos race at Hockenheim.



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