Abiteboul: “I live F1 physically. I don’t sleep for two nights after a race”

If there’s one thing that Liberty Media has done right, that is (to coin a phrase at least a decade out of date) ‘New Media’ – and F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast is one this blogger can recommend.

“He’s a man with one of the toughest jobs in F1: tasked with leading one of the sport’s grandee teams back to the top, under the weight of huge public expectation. But if anyone knows Renault, it’s Cyril Abiteboul. The Frenchman has worked in a variety of positions for the French marque over the years and, though just 41, is now in his fourth season as Team Principal. 

On this week’s episode Abiteboul discusses how the oft-talked five-year rebuild is going, the pressures of the job, the inside stories of signing Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Ocon, and why he struggles to sleep at night…”






F1 in Zandvoort in serious doubt for next year

Zandvoort council has warned it may need a further cash injection to ensure next year’s Dutch Grand Prix can go ahead, but this is unlikely to be as big a hurdle as the impending environmental court battle likely to plague the planners for a GP in Holland next year.

The race circuit and the local council has admitted in its latest….. READ MORE



Open hostility at Ferrari

Inflated with winning adrenaline, Sebastian Vettel sent a stark message to the smoldering Charles Leclerc with a warning.

“You’re way off your mark if you ever think you’re bigger than this team,” said Vettel after his resounding success at the Formula 1 race in Singapore – and there was little doubt that the addressee of his words was sitting right next to him. His rival, Leclerc, who was severely offended……. READ MORE



Giovinazzi nearly makes contact with crane – Singapore 2019






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