Bernie’s latest ‘improvement’ to F1

Ecclestone wants to abolish Formula 1 points system… again – and moots an old classic ‘improvement’ from his previous time in F1.

In autumn 2008, the Grand Prix supremo at the time, Bernie Ecclestone, for the first time thought aloud about completely destroying the Formula 1 classification system.


His idea was to abolish world championship points and instead award gold, silver and bronze in each race and determine the champion via a medal table, as at the Olympic Games.

The idea was seriously considered for the 2009 season, but was finally rejected – and appeared again and again in the following years. If it were up to Ecclestone, Formula 1 would work today according to the medals table:

“I never wanted this point system. I would have preferred medals”, he explains in a recent interview with “auto motor und sport”.

As far as the 88-year-old is concerned, a dominant driver like Lewis Hamilton no longer has to drive for victory in the last third of the season, but can manage his points advantage. That’s why Ecclestone thinks:

“Whoever wins the most gold medals becomes world champion. This forces you to drive for victory.”

Ecclestone wipes the argument that, apart from the three top teams, hardly anyone else would have the chance to be entered in the medal table off the table:

“Where is the motivation to compete for ten percent of all points? There will never be a balanced field. A few people always do the job better than many others.

In his opinion it’s enough “if six drivers can win”. However, in 2019 Hamilton would lead such a medal table with eight wins, ahead of Valtteri Bottas, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen with two each. In other words, if Hamilton were to win on Sunday in Singapore, he would already have been crowned World Champion …



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