Mother reaction | Red Bull tell Albon “don’t do anything stupid”

For many, Alexander Albon’s rapid promotion to the Red Bull team came as a surprise. After just twelve Formula 1 races for Toro Rosso, the rookie was sitting in the senior Red Bull Racing cockpit next to Max Verstappen.

He himself reveals to “Sky” that he “never” expected such a fast ascent. “The only one who would have come up with something like this would probably have been my mother,” he laughs.

“She’s the most optimistic person ever”


“When Doctor Marko told me to come to Austria, ‘it gave her wings’. She said: ‘You know what happens now! I said: ‘No, stop it…'” In fact Albon’s mother was right, because in Austria her son found out that he was going to end this season with Red Bull replacing Gasly, Verstappen’s underperforming French team mate.

His father – like himself – was a little more sceptical. “He was very happy – and that surprised me a bit. Sometimes he feels the pressure with me,” Albon reveals.

But the joy about the promotion was also enormous for him. “The timing was a bit strange because it happened at the beginning of the summer break. That means that nothing happened for two or three weeks afterwards,” reports Albon.


“But I couldn’t talk to anyone [from the team] because that’s not allowed during the summer break,”

During the break, all the teams have to stop working. For Albon it was therefore not possible to visit the factory and discuss anything with the team there.

As far as the result is concerned, his debut in the RB15 at the weekend still couldn’t have gone any better. At Spa, Albon finished fifth and made the most of it after having had to start from near the back from a grid penalty. His main goal is to settle in with the team, to get constant results and not to make any mistakes.

“That’s what they at Red Bull management told me: “Deliver constant results and don’t do anything stupid’,” reveals Albon, who has only confirmed for the 2019 season.

If he also wants to drive alongside Verstappen in 2020, he has to deliver. However, he explains that he is not putting himself under much pressure. He learned that mindset after he had been thrown out of the Red Bull camp many years ago back in 2010.


“When you’re signed to the Red Bull Junior Team, there’s always this pressure that it could be over at any moment,” Albon explains.

That’s exactly what happened to him, but at the end of 2018 he was signed again. This taught him that there was no point in thinking too much. And that’s how he wants to approach his new task.

Perversely, Albon has quite a bit of experience dealing with his new team mate Max Verstappen from when they raced in the 2010 karting season. In fact, the more experienced Albon finished higher than the very young Verstappen back then. Obviously, Verstappen has made a much faster ascent and already made it into Formula 1 in 2015, pushed along by his father Jos Verstappen, an ex F1 driver himself. “It took me a lot longer,” Albon confesses.

“He is in top form at the moment and is getting great results for Red Bull,” concludes Albon.




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