More Horse Power: Ferrari to run new ‘Spec 3’ engine for Spa & Monza

Mattia Binotto has just announced that from the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix they will be using version 3 of the 2019 Formula 1 engine, which will have 20 hp more power.

Lewis Hamilton has been recently quoted as saying that he is still convinced that Ferrari has the most powerful engine. On the straights, the Ferrari are the absolute fastest, but lose in the corners, due to lower levels of downforce when compared to Mercedes and Red Bull.


In Hungary Sebastian Vettel said:

“We are far away from our goal. We’re all behind in the corners. We’ve got some improvements on the car, but they’re not enough to make it to the top.

“Spa and Monza should suit us better. But we don’t just want to be competitive on the high-speed tracks, we want to be competitive everywhere. And we’re still a long way from that.”

The track characteristics of Spa and Monza should play Ferrari into the cards. The third expansion stage of the 2019 V6 hybrid engine is said to have already been successfully tested on the test bench.

The 20 additional horsepower is said to have been achieved through optimised fuel from Shell and improvements to the pistons and combustion chambers.

Leclerc is optimistic on the chances that Ferrari can reclaim lost ground to Mercedes saying:

“With Ferrari nothing is impossible, we are working very hard and we will be pushing until the end and I am pretty sure that we will catch them.”



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