Verstappen forgives Vettel & ‘Japanese reaction’

The fact that Max Verstappen would remain so relaxed after the collision with Sebastian Vettel and Silverstone’s lost podium position would have been hard to imagine in previous years.

It seems that there is a degree of maturity finally appearing in the Dutchman, who himself admitted after the race that the incident “was shit”, but perhaps the very quick apology from Vettel after the chequered flag went someway toward nullifying the situation before it escalated.

“I think it’s good if you admit your mistakes right away,” says the Red Bull driver. “Such things happen. It sucks, but it’s also racing. Sometimes it works for you and sometimes it doesn’t.”

“In the end it’s my fault,” he admitted Vettel post-race, “a misjudgement from me,” Vettel said.

The Ferrari driver received a ten-second time penalty and two penalty points on his licence. “After a few laps I realized it was my mistake, so I went to Max and told him what I thought,” says Vettel about his apology. “To be honest, that counts for me more than any decision made by the race stewards”

“He made a mistake and we paid for it,” says team boss Christian Horner. “But I’m sure he’s just as frustrated as we are.”



Japanese reaction to the crash

OK, not strictly true but a hilarious video mashup is doing the rounds across the internet where someone has used some Japanese commentary from a different motor racing incident and overdubbed it using FOM TV footage of the crash at Silverstone.

Possibly the funniest thing this year in my opinion.




Rich Energy admits defeat

Big changes are in at Rich Energy, the questionable energy drinks brand sponsoring Haas F1 team.

CEO and owner William Storey finally admits defeat and sells his controlling share of Rich Energy whilst the other minority shareholders attempted to rescue their investment after the shock Twitter announcement by Storey himself that Rich were no longer sponsoring Haas. The brand will now be renamed Lighting Volt Energy after Storey sell his stake and dissolves the brand.

Companies House has posted a string of company changes. Matthew Kell has become the director of Lighting Volt Energy.

Storey has just posted what is probably his last tweet from the official Rich Energy twitter claiming that he was ‘disgusted’ and had to sell his stake.


Dubius buyers?

The new CEO of Rich Energy, now called Lightning Volt Energy, is………….. CLICK TO READ MORE ON THIS STORY


One response to “Verstappen forgives Vettel & ‘Japanese reaction’

  1. I must be blind, I saw max made a double move, one to cover the Inside, then, moved to cover the outside, vettel saw that, and went to the inside where and opening was forming, then the Dutch bag, I careless, 21yearold,. Moved back to block the inside and brake early… Pos.
    Is it the first time? Of course it isn’t, Baku was the same move.
    But, what goes around, comes around.

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