Italian Grand Prix commits staggering sum of dollars

Agreement reached between ACI and Liberty Media for the renewal of the 2020-2024 seasons of the GP of Italy. President ACI (Automobile Club d’Italia) Angelo Sticchi Damiani: “The renewal will be announced at the end of the summer break”.

The Italian GP of the current Formula 1 World Championship is the last one under contract and the American owners of the circus were in a hurry to close the renewal agreement with Monza.
In December, ACI president Sticchi Damiani declared that without an agreement more in line with their needs, in terms of duration and costs, the renewal of the GP of Italy would not take place.


From 2020, 24 million dollars currently spent will no longer be enough, but to keep Formula 1 in Italy for the next five years, the total commitment is at least 100 million dollars. An important commitment that ACI would have assumed only with the necessary guarantees and after the resolution of the “local” issues relating to the concession signed with the Consortium Park and Villa for the management of the racetrack of Monza.

Today, however, it seems that an agreement has been reached and that the difficult negotiations have had a positive resolution. The statement of ACI President Angelo Sticchi Damiani:

“We are on the right track. The renewal for the 2020-2024 seasons is practically concluded and will be announced at the end of the summer break”.

With regards to recent Formula 1 stewards decisions (that have obviously counted against Ferrari):

“The F1 stewards seem to move with absolute autonomy, according to good faith and according to their competence. Then, as all the people in this world can make mistakes, I don’t know if in this case they have made mistakes or not.

“This time it happened to Ferrari [in Canada], next time it will happen to Mercedes or Red Bull: but we don’t do ‘behind-the-scenes’ that don’t exist, everyone wants the best to win. From the Federation to the promoter and all over the world.

“I recently made a proposal to make the rules more transparent following what happened in Canada. I presented it formally, saying that perhaps the rule should be explained a little better, especially on the concept of voluntariness. Because, he knows that, after which we must try to interpret everything in the best way relying on telemetry and relying on the films trying to do the right thing.

Finally, a thought about Ferrari with typical Italian confidence in the red team:

“I can tell you that I am convinced that Ferrari will find its way back to victory. Leclerc and Vettel will certainly be ones to watch again at Silverstone and Hockeneim”.




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The case of the Spaniard is practically settled, McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull and this week Ferrari have announced that they would not consider Alonso. Asked by Sky Sports, Mattia Binotto took the opportunity to deny the rumour of Fernando Alonso’s possible return to Maranello in 2020, and at the same time confirmed the Italian team’s line-up for next season.


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