F1 Drivers salary 2019 – Updated

Always an interesting topic for Formula One fans to look up from time to time, their favourite F1 drivers salary in 2019 is a hot topic for many when looking at driver performance. The question can often be, are the team getting the best ‘bang per buck’? Not just ‘how much does Lewis Hamilton earn?’.

Certainly well you look at the rookie Formula 1 drivers recent performances such as Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc (€3m) and Mclaren’s Lando Norris (€700,000), their respective teams must be pleased when comparing to relatively mediocre and far more expensive teammates.

Interesting that the latest released edition of the Business Book GP 2019 written by Marc Limacher, includes known data on Formula 1 drivers salaries, based on sources within the paddock including sponsors, but also published team and economic data.



F1 2019 driver salaries: Who is paid the most?

Hamilton, the 2018 world champion, has now activated an option to increase his salary, he now receives 42 million euros, while Sébastian Vettel continues his salary rate from last year, and Daniel Ricciardo completes the top three earners with his new lucrative contract with the Renault F1 Team.

Max Verstappen, Nico Hulkenberg and Valterri Bottas are now ahead of Kimi Raikkonen, who earns only €6 million in salary (as last season), but has a points bonus, allowing her to aim for a maximum of €20 million.

Max Verstappen, Nico Hulkenberg and Valterri Bottas are now ahead of Kimi Raikkonen, who earns only EUR 6 million (as in the previous season), but has a bonus on the points scored, allowing him to aim for up to EUR 20 million.

On the French side, Romain Grosjean at Haas following his difficult 2017 season, lowered his salary to EUR 2 million, while Pierre Gasly, by signing with Red Bull Racing, has doubled his salary.


Drivers Salary 2019 :

1/ Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): € 42m
2/ Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari): € 35m
3/ Daniel Ricciardo (Renault): € 20m
4/ Max Verstappen (RBR): € 12m
5/ Nico Hulkenberg (Renault): € 8m
6/ Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes): € 8m
7/ Kimi Raikkkonen (Alfa Romeo) : € 6m
8/ Sergio Perez (Racing Point): € 4m
9/ Carlos Sainz (McLaren): € 4m
10/ Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) : € 3m
11/ Romain Grosjean (Haas) : € 2m
12/ Kevin Magnussen (Haas) : € 2m
13/ Lance Stroll (Racing Point): € 1.5m
14/ Pierre Gasly (RBR) : € 1.5m
15/ Robert Kubica (Williams): € 1m
16/ Alexander Albon (STR): € 750,000
17/ Daniil Kvyat (STR): € 750,000
18/ Lando Norris (McLaren): € 700,000
19/ George Russell (Williams): € 500,000
20/ Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo): € 500.0000


Data taken from the BUSINESS / book GP – the first independent book exploring the business of Formula since 2010. Filled with information on Formula 1, BUSINESS / book GP analyses the previous season in detail displays economic data references as well as important data on the upcoming season.



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8 responses to “F1 Drivers salary 2019 – Updated

      • 2019 numbers from 3 sources

        The Judge 13:

        Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari): € 35m ($40m)
        Daniel Ricciardo (Renault): € 20m ($22,5m)
        Kimi Raikkkonen (Alfa Romeo) : € 6m ($6.75m)


        Sebastian Vettel Ferrari $30m
        Daniel Riccairdo Renault $15m
        Kimi Raikkonen Alfa Romeo $5m


        Sebastian Vettel Ferrari $45m
        Daniel Ricciardo Renault $17m
        Kimi Raikkonen Sauber $4,5m

    • Agreed, e.g. Verstappen’s base salary might be $10M (I think the other $2M are from his Exact and Jumbo sponsoring contracts), but he has a performance based contract, which will easily add up to $20-30M. Last year he made >$20M with two wins and 249 points.

  1. –“Kimi Raikkonen, who earns only €6 million in salary (as last season), but has a points bonus, allowing her to aim for a maximum of €20 million”
    Presumably in the W series? 😀

  2. I was amazed to find out that F2 drivers, who race and risk their lives for this sport on the same tracks as F1 drivers, do not get paid at all?! As far as F1 goes anyway, I was more wondering about the contracts they sign, specifically regarding the question: Do they get paid in full before the season starts or at the end or after each race, etc.? Many of these F1 drivers come from wealthy familys and don’t need the money, rememembering this too, it makes for some interest in how much any one values their life?

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