Footage of drunk Kimi Raikkonen after Chinese GP

Kimi Raikkonen has rather a reputation for ‘enjoying a glass or two’ and certainly has been known for some crazy antics away from the track, falling off super-yachts being one of many famous shenanigans attributed to the Finnish F1 driver.

After a very dull Chinese Grand Prix for the fans around the globe, TJ13 is struggling to find anything particularly news worth this Monday morning, so here’s a simple clip of Kimi Raikkonen leaving his hotel drunk whilst I wait for my inbox to fill up a bit. Furthermore, a Kimi rat-arsed is rather more interesting than the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix.

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Ambient 19° Track 29° Humidity 45% Wind 3.5 m/s


A pallid grey sky hung over the start of F1’s 1000th race (that was counted for championship points, natch) as the grid was awash in frantic, last minute activity. Alex Albon was being gifted a new gearbox amongst other new bits but for his sins yesterday it was going to be a pit lane start.

Listening to the drivers being interviewed it was very much a story of the first 3 corners on their mind, reasonable, if one considers recent examples such as Kvyat v Vettel… In terms of strategy one stop is still the preferred choice but all the talk is of it being marginal, though cooler conditions may make it slightly more possible. Given the sets left for drivers, it was Hamilton with no new Mediums left but a new set of Softs and Hards, whereas the rest of the sharp end had at least a set of new Mediums, no new Softs and Hards. Gasly on down start on the Softs in the top 10 vs the Medium for the top 5 and just to make things fun look at Kvyat in P11 on down with Mediums (save Racing Point) with the chance to go long and take advantage of the high degradation of the Softs that the midfield ahead of him will have to start with.

Ferrari with good starts and lots of straightline speed vs Mercedes with inconsistent starts and excellent cornering speeds, along with a top 10 lined up 2×2 and, on average mere hundredths between teammates looks good as the field prepared for the the formation lap… And both Verstappen and Kubica spin their cars on the way to the grid so, yeah, good omen that….. (CONTINUE READING)



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