Rare footage: Michael Schumacher introduces Mattia Binotto

During the 2004 French Grand Prix, UK’s ITV F1 programme produced a segment for the audience whereby Michael Schumacher introduces the people on his side of the garage, a ‘meet the team’ piece.


In the movie player below, we see Michael introduce the now boss of Ferrari, a young Mattia Binotto of eighteen years ago. It’s an interesting look back in time when watching this movie, and perhaps a better indication as to the dynamic Michael Schumacher had with his engineers that is lacking in most drivers then and now.

During the weekend I am tasked with securing reliability and correct functioning of engine on Michaels car. Therefore, securing that everything goes as it must. Maintaining maximum presentation, maximum reliability of product we know. Together with him, it is important that we talk to ensure correct functioning of everything together – Binotto

Michael was considered to be another mechanic that happened to drive the car really quickly, such was the communication and bond in the team. Something that was not apparent on the track when many simply saw a ruthless and arrogant driver dominating the sport.

The truth was, Michael didn’t feel or wanted to be treated differently. He was really part of the team.



Consider too that Binotto in this footage had an important role delivering the Championship to Schumacher as the race engineer for the V10 powering Michael’s car. It’s no wonder that Binotto has been given the task of delivering another drivers Championship with such a long history with the red team.

The Swiss born Italian engineer and team principal of Scuderia Ferrari was appointed into the role on the 7th January 2019, replacing Maurizio Arrivabene.

Having graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Lausanne Polytechnic in 1994, he then obtained a Master in Motor Vehicle Engineering in Modena. In 1995, he joined the Scuderia Ferrari test team as a Test Engine Engineer and fulfilled the same role with the race team from 1997 to 2003.

In 2004, he became a Race engine engineer for Michael Schumacher during the German’s final, and seventh World Drivers Championship.

2007 Binotto took on the role of Chief Engineer, race and assembly, moving on in 2009 to Head of Engine and KERS Operations.

Having been appointed Deputy Director, Engine and Electronics in October 2013, Binotto subsequently took on the role of Chief Operating Officer, Power Unit.

On July 27, 2016, he has been appointed Chief Technical Officer of Scuderia Ferrari and then from January 7, 2019 he is appointed as team principal.



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