Deeper trouble at Williams, details from insiders – “2 secs slower than 2018”

TJ13 cannot take any credit for this as we do not have anyone inside Grove to confirm or deny it, but multiple sources are claiming to know a little more about the plight of Williams.

Last week, TJ13 predicted that Williams would miss the scheduled filming day on Saturday due to a delay in parts to complete the car. This turned out to be true, and the paddock noted that there was a complete lack of team presence in Barcelona at the weekend, suggesting a no show for the first day of the test.

This of course turned out to be the case, the same issue cited as the reason behind the delays in testing.

Later this evening, there have been two additional unconfirmed sources suggesting that Williams are in deeper trouble than first thought.

Firstly, an claimed ‘insider’ on an F1 website forum says that the main issue with the team is ill fitting parts.

“The completion of the Williams FW42 was delayed by a design fault in the braking system, which was only discovered while building the car last week; it required parts to be redesigned and manufactured”

Publishing rumour from unknown sources isn’t always a good idea, but the same user claims his source at Grove passed on the information that enabled to correctly predicted Williams’ title sponsor and the colors of the livery for 2019. And looking back on the forum threads, it indeed appears that the livery and sponsor were revealed ahead of the launch last week.

“Ok, the issue is with the installation of the braking system along with all the cooling ducts. We are having problems with building the car because of it and it needs to be redesigned again.” says the source.

“The problem was identified last week. The current plan is to fly the partially built car tomorrow evening and the car will arrive to the track at 2AM on wednesday where we will burn the midnight oil so we can finally hit the track with the FW42 at noon. All the non-problematic parts are boxed and ready to go.”

“Heard that some Williams trucks has exited the factory. I dont know if the fixed parts are on the way. Probably not yet, but at least something is moving.”

When quizzed what exactly was the problem, the source replied:

“It was badly designed. It’s not a manufactuing issue. The bits arent aligning properly and it’s impossible to build the braking system. They simply dont fit.”


More problems with Paddy Lowes design claims the BBC

BBC’s F1 writer Andrew Benson claims many things, but in fairness to AB he does have some fingers in some pies over at Grove and today he published this damning report on Paddy Lowes 2019 FW42 design.

“The car is still at the team’s factory in Grove, Oxfordshire, and the current hope is that it will be ready to fly to Spain late on Tuesday,”

“That means it is unlikely at this stage that the car will run first thing Wednesday morning, but the team are hoping to get it out on track at some stage that day.”

“The delay is leading to the speculation about the future of chief technical office Paddy Lowe, who joined from Mercedes in 2017 and is ultimately responsible for the car.”

“Just as concerning for Williams, insiders say that the car doesn’t look like it will be quick when it does finally hit the track.”

“Sources say that the car projected to be as much as two seconds slower than last year’s, which was already the slowest on the grid.”

“Rule changes to front wings have reduced downforce but many team have clawed a large part of it back.”

“If the word from inside the team is accurate, Williams could be facing a season adrift from the rest of the field.”



9 responses to “Deeper trouble at Williams, details from insiders – “2 secs slower than 2018”

  1. While the issue of a brake system design fault is somewhat believable – modern CAD systems should have allowed them to see any potential problems during the design phase. IMO, the more likely reason is that once the car was finished, they realized there was a major aero issue or issues which required a significant redesign, which then caused the brake / cooling system problems. And if that’s the case the season may be a write-off before it even starts.

    Latest rumour is they may not even run on Wednesday.

  2. Reminds me of the 2013 mclaren. Who was responsible for the design of that car again? Could it be a certain Paddy Lowe? I never understood why the guy was highly rated.

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