Spy footage: Kimi Raikkonen testing radical new Alfa Romeo F1

Several teams launched their cars today, including the former Sauber F1 team now branded as Alfa Romeo under the ownership of the Ferrari Fiat Chrysler group.

Former Ferrari driver returns to his first team Sauber for a multi year deal starting 2019. The 39 year old was first today to test the radical looking Alfa Romeo F1 car, which has not yet been named. It is due to be unveiled officially next Monday, before testing begins at Barcelona.

Some dedicated fans did manage to take some footage today from the side of the Ferrari Fiorano test track when Kimi took to the wheel for some shake down laps.

Apart from the striking Valentines day themed camouflage livery using the Alfa Romeo cloverleaf design, was the incredibly odd looking front wing that seems to almost be incomplete. Experts believe this to be a deliberate design to negate the new front wing outwash restrictions new for 2019. By cutting out an entire section of the front wing, the largest volume of air possible to forced around the front tyres, in contrary to the spirit of the new regulation.




2 responses to “Spy footage: Kimi Raikkonen testing radical new Alfa Romeo F1

  1. So who else thinks this is deliberate to get them banned before the season starts because they found out a rival team had developed the idea?

    Gone down that way before….

    • No, watch the autosport analysis video posted on YouTube, they show a photo from toro rosso testing day, and it is going down the same path. I think all teams will go down this path next week in testing, and mclaren will have some trippy diffuser.

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