Inside source: An important, late appointment to Ferrari

TJ13 reported two weeks ago that Ferrari were eying up ex-team boss Stefano Domenicali to rejoin the squad and assist the recently appointed Mattia Binotto.

Well, there seems to be weight to that rumour, now coming from Sky Sports Italia who yesterday reported that changes at Ferrari are not finished just yet.

Sky Sports Italia claim they have an inside informant who says that the Prancing Horse are imminently appointing “an important and experienced person” to assist Binotto due to the strains that are already exceeding that of the last two years as a senior figure on the technical side of Ferrari.

Obviously, Binotto has now taken on the role of team boss, replacing Arrivabene a few weeks ago.

“Binotto is a person with great skills” says Sky Sports source

“Both on the technical front and on the organizational side.

“He knows very well that the amount of work that awaits him is greater than the already demanding one he has had to face in the last two seasons, and he will not leave anything to chance “

As previously reported by TJ13, rumours broke in the news at the beginning of January linking the former team boss back to Maranello. Before too long, several Italian publications such as Autosprint, Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica then started to claim that there is ‘an imminent return’ of the current Lamborghini managing director Stefano Domenicali to Ferrari.

The Sky Sports source continues by adding that the new appointment will arrive very soon and that it would be “a figure of great weight and experience will arriving. “

“Binotto needs the tranquility to manage the team as a whole, and also to be able to deal with the complicated discussions underway with FIA and Liberty Media for the definition of the regulations 2021. An important task, which will take time and work “. continues the source.

“I believe that a technician will be able to allow Mattia to delegate the job without worries, an experienced trustworthy person, able to be immediately operational. I have an idea of who … but I stop here. ” concludes the quote.

Obviously the source doesn’t reveal who the new appointment might be, and of course it might not be the ex team boss, that said there’s rarely this much smoke without a large bonfire beneath it.

Watch this space…

Leave a comment below if you think this could be Stefano, or indeed somebody else.

4 responses to “Inside source: An important, late appointment to Ferrari

  1. Ferrari’s management is a mess due to Marchionne wanting to run everything. After he died Ferrari were like a dog chasing their own tail. I somehow doubt Domenicali returns to “assist” Binotto. If he returns it will be as president of Ferrari – which means they’ll have to find a way to dump Louis Camilleri without upsetting Philip Morris.

  2. Wonder if this comment from December has Vettel a little on edge…..

    Domenicali, who is now CEO of Lamborghini, thinks it is not completely out of the realms of possibility for Alonso to wearing Ferrari red again in the future

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