Rumour: Some changes coming at Ferrari

Anticipation of 2019 is ramping up and the speculation of the media continues unabated.

Italy’s Autosprint magazine, often a source of much rumour with regards to Ferrari, has published what they think will be the 2019 Ferrari. Should we take note?

Artist impression of a Mission Winnow liveried Ferrari for 2019, red matching the Ducati 2019 MotoGP team

Actually, perhaps we should. Autosprint do have some fingers in pies within Maranello, and leaked information does occasionally make it’s way onto the Autosprint editors desk.

“The bodywork of the 2019 Ferrari could be coloured completely differently compared to the Maranello standard.” claim Autosprint in their latest print.

Further weight to this speculation is the look of the 2019 livery for the MotoGP Ducati team, another big recipient of Philip Morris cash, the tobacco giant and creator of the Mission Winnow branding exercise.

If Ferrari were to follow Ducati and alter the red of their cars to match the Mission Winnow red, then we’d see a much darker colour used.

The only conflict on the grid potentially preventing such a move would be the similarity between the Sauber Alfa Romeo red and the Mission Winnow red.

Autosprint also speculates that the naming of the car could be SF-90, in celebration of 90 years of Ferrari.

Rosberg: Ferrari have made some major changes

Ex Mercedes teammate to Lewis Hamilton gives his opinion on the pressures that Vettel and Ferrari will have for 2019 on Sky Sports F1.

“He [Vettel] was feeling it, I’m sure, already last year and especially driving for Ferrari that’s where the pressure is the highest because you’ve got the whole country on you.

“He’s feeling it, that’s clear. He just needs to put it together next year.”

“He [Vettel] needs to improve and the team needs to improve overall. They just had too many mistakes last year because possibly they should have won it,”

“They’ve made some major changes. They’ve changed Arrivabene and put in Binotto, so they’ve made a change in the highest position there.

“Also with Sebastian’s new team-mate, Leclerc, that could also be a very, very positive dynamic, but it could also be negative and backfire! So it’s going to be awesome to watch.

“They just need to step it up, but they can do it. It’s going to be great to follow again.”

4 responses to “Rumour: Some changes coming at Ferrari

  1. Why does Rosberg get airtime? He seems to have mastered the art of the bleeding obvious!! Well done, bubble pricked of the Lewis hype bubble..

    Hate to say it but Jacques Villeneuve, Eddie Irvine and Flavio Briatore are interesting orators in comparison.

    As to the red? What’s the story? Ferrari red has changed continuously since 1997 with even metallic red used whilst Räikkönen and Massa pedalled the Maranello machines

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