Cosworth V12: Red Bull Supercar sounds like old school F1

Red Bull Aston Martin’s Valkyrie supercar’s Cosworth V12 sounds like old school F1

McLaren not copying Red Bull car says Sainz

“I think it’s very straightforward to say that the team is copying a chassis,” Sainz, McLaren’s new Spanish driver for 2019, said.

“I’m sure there are ideas from all the teams that McLaren has looked at, but that happens in formula one and in all the categories that I have raced in.”

“I am convinced that Renault gives the same weapons to McLaren that they give for their own cars. I’m not worried for next year that we will not have good equipment.”

“Competitive car? It depends on what you call competitive,” said Sainz.

“If you call competitive fighting for a world championship, I think as formula one is today it’s very early even for podiums.

“But if a competitive car means trying to lead the middle zone, I think that is the goal that McLaren has set. It doesn’t mean we will do it next year, but it is a goal and I think it is realistic,” he added. “I will try not to be far away from that.”

Unrest continues at Ferrari

According to the correspondents Daniele Sparisci and Giorgio Terruzzi, “In the days after Abu Dhabi, Binotto (chief Ferrari designer) asked for a meeting with his bosses to understand how to proceed,”

The technical director “has received offers from various teams, but he would like to stay to continue the unfinished mission.” they added.

Ricciardo reveals regular outbursts in 2018

“It all started in Melbourne, before the season even started,” Ricciardo said in an interview with Max Verstappen in Red Bull’s On The Sofa.

“In practice I got the penalty for not slowing enough for that red flag so that started with putting my elbows through the door of my room.

“A week later I tried to channel that energy into Bahrain and my race finished after one lap…so I put my knee through the door in that one and it kind of spiralled.

“And there was the fist (through the wall) in Austin, and Austin was the worst one. Austin, I don’t know why, I just reached a real low.”

“A lot happened in 2015, more on a personal level, with life,” Ricciardo added.

“Jules [Bianchi’s] passing affected me more than I ever would have thought and I had a few other things going on in my life at that time that in a way shaped me into this next version of who I am.

“The first race back was Budapest and that was my first podium that year, a double podium for the team, and I remember the whole weekend was very emotional.

“To get a podium there felt massive, it was a huge relief and a moment of gratitude.

“That was really important. In 2015, that was a really big high to come off such a low.”

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