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Ericsson’s first test takes him ‘back to the passion of racing’

“I’d never seen these cars live before,” Ericsson said after watching Team Penske’s three-car fleet begin a day-long test. “It was cool to see the other guys go out. The car looks really cool.”


“This sort of gets me back to why I fell in love with racing,” Ericsson said after his first few hours of testing an SPM Honda. “F1 is always going to be F1, you know? But it’s sort of a bit artificial in some ways. You always go to these perfect places, and that’s not racing, I would say. This takes me back to the passion of racing.”

“As a driver, you have to work this car a lot more,” Ericsson said. “F1 always starts from perfection, whereas here you have to deal with the car you have and then sort of perfect it. It’s a lot more work from the driver. That’s the biggest difference.”




Ross Brawn reveals the new F1 vision for viewers using AI


Indian multimillionaire ordered to give back pay to superyacht crew

The crew of Indian multimillionaire Vijay Mallya’s superyacht have been awarded almost $1m in back pay after the businessman and former Formula One team owner abandoned the vessel and its 40 crew in Malta more than a year ago.



Montezemolo Felt Vettel Made ‘Decisive Mistakes’, Believes Hamilton Would Of Won With Ferrari

“This year Hamilton made the difference in his best season since his debut, he has had moments of weakness and crisis, but this year with Ferrari he would have won.” said Montezemolo.


“I mean, not to despise Vettel, who has opportunities to rebuild with a competitive car. This Ferrari is very different to the Ferrari that I left in October 2014 in terms of equipment and mentality. He made a good car this year, in some things it was even better than Mercedes, but he had the final part.

“Vettel made decisive mistakes, but for the World Cup you have to do everything to keep him up, he is a high level driver and always very close to the team, you must support him in the face of frustration, even more with the arrival of a solid driver like Leclerc, with great future.”

“Schumacher also made mistakes at the beginning, but it’s always important to speak clearly in the dressing room and support the team in public,” Montezemolo added.

“He is a great fighter, I have a great appreciation to him and his family.”


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