Mercedes chief delivers his moving speech to Hamilton & the team

“It was a f^cking sh*t day today, but this season as a whole has been a brilliant season” 

Are the words of Mercedes AMG F1 technical boss James Allison in the garages in Mexico after clinching the Championships.

“It’s not done yet, but this season as a whole is one that we are definitely going to remember all our lives.

“Remember the fact that the competitiveness of this season has ebbed and flowed. There’s been times in the year where we didn’t have the best kit – but we kept coming back weekend after weekend, stretching the Championship apart.

“Partly by what we did but mostly by what this guy [Hamilton] did.

“It’s been a year… where the driver played a bigger part than in many others.

“All of us are going to look back on this year, know we were in a team with one of the best people who has ever been behind the wheel, and be really proud to talk about it.”

The full speech is on this youtube clip below, skip to 7minutes in:


Rumour on Allison:

Seismic change could be afoot in the near future as the latest rumours from Italy has it that we could see one of the very highest in Mercedes make a shock move to Renault… CONTINUE READING

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  1. Credit where credit is due. Yes the Mercedes has been the best car for most races, but Hamilton has been at his highest level so far.

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