Ricciardo reveals everything about his future by 2021


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Ricciardo: “I want to be world champion in 2021 with Renault”

“It’s been fun, for sure. [Red Bull] have been a massive part of my career. We’ve both helped each other but they, for sure, helped me more, giving me the opportunity to race with the best teams at the highest level.

“I repaid them with the results but they created that platform for me. It’s been awesome – I’ve had some good experiences off-track as well, playing ice hockey, football, motocross, flying in all these different helicopters, planes…

“It’s been fun and I don’t know how much longer my racing career will be but I’ll look back and think of me and Red Bull together, that’s going to be the biggest part of my career.”

“[At Renault] I want to get their best result possible. I don’t know now what their best is for the last few years, but if it’s sixth, I want to finish fifth, for example.

“I also want to prove to myself and to other people that it was the right decision, I guess to prove some people wrong. And just grow with the team and to feel the progress, to be part of that, and to feel like their investment in me was worthwhile.”


“In 2014 I believe I drove well enough to be world champion that year. So for me it’s already overdue but now, starting this next journey [with Renault], realistically I would say 2021, I want to be world champion that year.”

The likeable Australian was then asked what was the secret as to why he smiles so much: “I think my secret is perspective. Perspective, a lot of people forget. What is a bad day? For me it may be finishing in fifth place; a bad day for someone else could be getting fired, or could be getting shot in war or in the street…

“It’s perspective. A bad day for me is the best day for someone else. I think this is very important to understand perspective.

“Naturally I’m a competitor and I’ll never be happy with fifth, but OK it’s not really a bad day, maybe a bad moment, but not a bad day. I’m still waking up in a nice hotel room somewhere, and I just enjoy being happy, I don’t like being sad, I like having a good time so part of me wants to find the perspective because I don’t want to be sad.”



Daniel Ricciardo has no regrets over Renault switch despite engine woes

“For sure I’m aware there’s work to do, that’s the truth, but I knew that as well when I signed.

“I think I’m still more excited than not, just about having a fresh environment and a change. I mean, hopefully we get a good run the next few races, otherwise these guys will probably be sick of me as well losing my shit So probably for everyone it’s a good thing I move on.”



A soaring Lewis Hamilton takes down Mistico in Mexico 2015

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Ferrari to try new floor again as Red Bull copies idea

“It is important that we are starting to understand what didn’t work or was not as good as before,” says Vettel.

“I think it was important to go a step back to understand some things. But the main thing is we keep moving forward.

“The last couple of days have been quite important, the last weeks also, and we have started to understand a bit more, so we try to move forward.”



Vettel suggests ‘downforce hole’ could be cause of “weird” spins

Sebastian Vettel thinks there is a technical reason being the cause of his recent succession of “weird” spins.

“Maybe I need to try the outside next time, maybe I don’t spin,” Vettel replied when asked for his explanation for his recent incidents.

“Obviously you want to have the inside to the corner, that doesn’t change. But I don’t know. The closer you are to another car you lose some downforce, obviously the spins I had were all quite weird because there was not much I could have done.

“It is not like I had gone in too fast or would have spun on own at that speed, not at all, so I guess there must be some sort of hole or something being on the inside of a car in that position.

“On all three occasions I wasn’t clearly ahead, at best side-by-side, so as I said, maybe next time I try the outside.”


“The main thing is that fundamentally I didn’t try to do anything silly or stupid, I wasn’t hard-headed trying to do something that would never work,” he explained.

“Obviously now it has happened a couple of times, too much, so next time there will be a gap, I am sure I will go for a gap, but surely it is in the back of your head trying to keep the car facing the right direction.”





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  1. I’m sure Danni Ric has gained a lot for admirers with this sort of attitude unlike all the drivers who say it’s “not my fault”

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