New shocking footage reveals how Stroll wipes out Alonso


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Alternative angle showing how Stroll rammed into Alonso at COTA

Fernando Alonso says there are “more amateur” drivers in Formula 1 than in the World Endurance Championship after his crash with Lance Stroll in the United States Grand Prix.

“I’m not upset. I’m disappointed because I’m nine days here in the US to do a race and I do 600 meters of the race and they push you off,” said Alonso.

“That’s the way it is, but it’s more a problem for the FIA if they keep allowing this type of driving. I drive in another series with amateur drivers, theoretically, and there has never been a problem.

“There are more amateurs here than in other series,” added the Spaniard, who races in the WEC with Toyota.


“Maybe when there’s a big crash they will do something.

“Until then we’ll try to have fun in other categories where we race against 34 cars, against amateur people, against 60-year-old men and nothing ever happens.

“Here we need bumpers, like the rental go-karts, so we can all crash into each other.”


Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown’s Hot Lap with Lewis

The young actress is known for playing the character ’11’ in the popular Netflix show.

Horner Praises ‘Stunning Drive’ from Verstappen but Rues ‘Frustrating’ Ricciardo’s DNF

“A stunning drive from Max again today starting eighteenth and finishing the first lap in ninth,” said Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team principal Horner. “He started on the Soft tyre and quickly made his way through the field.

“We then picked the right moment to undercut Bottas and go onto the Supersoft. At that point we thought it would be a two-stop race, but we then converted to a one-stop as Max was doing such a great job of managing his tyres.


“It then became all about the last ten laps as he closed in on Kimi and Lewis who was on a two-stop strategy had much faster pace was able to close in on the two lead cars. A good and fair fight between Max and Lewis over the last couple of laps gave Kimi [Räikkönen] the breathing space to take a well-deserved win and Max a fantastic second place.”

“For Daniel, having started the race strongly and looking so competitive it was hugely frustrating to lose him so early on with what looks like a repeat issue of Bahrain, where the engine energy store is suspected to have failed terminally,” said Horner.

“Thankfully we have one in more our allocation that we introduced in Sochi, meaning we should avoid a penalty in Mexico next weekend.

“The whole team feels for Daniel as we just want to see him finish on a high in the remaining races with us and for reasons beyond our control, in recent races, that hasn’t been possible.”


Brawn wonders if less data could produce ‘a better show’

“The three drivers on the podium crossed the line within the same three seconds,” observed Brawn in his post-race debrief.

“They all ran different tyre strategies, through choice in the case of Raikkonen and Hamilton, and by necessity for Verstappen who started from the penultimate row of the grid.

“That’s unusual in Formula 1, where the level of sophistication in terms of simulation and strategy is so high that one doesn’t usually get such a variance, especially when it involves the top three teams,” he admitted.

“This was probably down to the fact that no one had been able to run dry weather tyres on Friday as the track was wet throughout the three hours of practice.

“That meant the teams had less data than usual on which to base their race plans, and thus the margin for error increased.

“So, does less data produce a better show?” he asked.


“It’s definitely more uncertain and therefore another topic for discussion when looking at ways to make our sport even more exciting, from the first lap to the last, as was the case in Austin.”

“To use a football metaphor, when two teams play perfectly, a nil-nil draw is the logical conclusion,” explained Brawn.

“In Formula One, when the simulations are all worked out to the smallest detail, then they all converge towards the same best possible strategy.”

“I think you will just have more simulations and more computers running in the background, trying to emphasise how to put the car on track,” he said.

“But the more you limit track time the more variability you have.”

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