McLaren chief exposes all


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De Ferran explains lack of McLaren development

Understanding root cause of issues at the start of the season: “It’s a variety of things,” de Ferran said.

“First, I think we needed to gain an understanding of some of the issues that we were having, what was the root cause of these issues.”

Understanding why certain developments didn’t work. Some updates came in, but clearly not enough to match the development of others:

“Some of the developments that we have tried didn’t quite work, and then you have to go and understand why that is. And that happened earlier in the year.

“We have brought a few things, but it’s a race of development as well, as you know, so you don’t live in an absolute world in that sense.”

Majority of focus on 2019: “Lastly, I think there is a lot of truth to the fact that we are very focused on next year’s car and trying to make a better car so we can be more competitive.”

“In Singapore, we had a very good race. Fernando for part of the race held fastest lap in a very genuine way, and we finished in what I thought was a very strong seventh position.

“But there are certain circuits that we go to that are very difficult for our current package.”

About the new structure at Woking: “We have two key directors who are in charge of the technical side of the team — Andrea Stella who’s performance director and Pat Fry as engineering director.

“We have a huge team. Essentially those are the two guys in charge. When Simon (Roberts, chief operating officer) is essentially running the team and coordinating all the work, my feeling is it’s working quite well.”

Happy 39th birthday to Kimi Räikkönen!


Lewis Hamilton yesterday on Good Morning America

Fernando Alonso reveals reason for exit as he sends major warning to chiefs

“It’s not that I don’t love F1 anymore, I still love these cars, but if I stop now it’s because I’m 37 years old and achieved all my dreams in F1.” says Alonso

“You need to make the sport interesting again,”

“I posted a video of 2005 and I received 3000 comments of ‘this is the Formula 1 I fell in love with and not the thing you have now’, so it’s not me being critical of this Formula 1, it’s the whole world.

“One of the top six cars can start last in every race and will finish in the top six and lap the seventh with whatever guy you put in those cars.

“We miss the noise of the V10, the V8, we miss the creativity on the strategy, the different fuel loads, the tyre competition, so you go into Sunday with some unpredictable feeling of what is going to happen.”


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