Ex Marlboro Ferrari man claims they have the next Champion

The red team powered by cryptic Mission statements plastered on the side of their car funded by tobacco, has set their agenda out for the coming seasons.

Ex Philip Morris man and current team principal Maurizio Arrivabene has been available to the press ever more so since the new logo’s have appeared on the cars at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Indeed the Italian had been speaking to the journalists at La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Festival dello Sport in an effort to push the main sponsors message, but also smooth over the horrendous press mauling the Italian team has endured this last few weeks.

Mission Winnow, the tobacco giant Philip Morris’ project launched at the Japanese Grand Prix, shouldn’t be a total surprise to TJ13 readers. Indeed around a year ago it was predicted that Philip Morris would soon be advertising something on their cars (you can read that story here), and that Japan would be the perfect place to push their IQOS product after marketing efforts in the far eastern place of the rising sun. Japan is a highly receptacle target for technology based addiction.

Once the logo changed for Ferrari back in January 2018, and the SF70H’s large empty space on the airbox that had been allocated to Philip Morris was visible in winter testing, it was only a matter of time before Mission Winnow or something similar related to e-cigs would appear there. TJ13 at the time understood it was probably the IQOS logo, or something related to it, but alas we cannot get everything correct.

Back on point, at the Sport Festival the Maranello team principal talks about Sebastian Vettel and the confidence the team have with their German number 1.

“I think it’s have something to do with Schumacher: he is German, but very Italian in and tied up with Maranello since he was a kid, Vettel will win a title,

“When we leave Austin, we won’t leave beaten.”

A vote of confidence for Vettel as the team boss addresses the crowds on the stage of the ‘Teatro Sociale’ in Trento:

“When we talk about Formula 1 we immediately think of the Ferrari, is in the DNA of this sport: Too much pressure? I would not say,

“On the contrary we have to thank all of this affection for the team. This love has to push us to do better and better ”

The Italian then explains the high points of 2018 for him as team boss and the team saying “A great emotion to play such a role: Among the most beautiful victories I remember that of Silverstone, in the house of Formula 1” describing Ferrari’s victory over Lewis Hamilton who was expected to win at his home race.

But Arrivabene concedes that despite launching Mission ‘Win-more’, it’ll be Mission Impossible for Ferrari to take the ultimate prize in 2018.

“It has become a mission impossible, but it’s not over. In Austin, however, we do not leave beaten, I want to say it clearly. And I am sure that sooner or later Sebastian Vettel will win the World Championship at the wheel of Ferrari.”

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