Bottas publicly vents his frustration


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Bottas venting frustration after Sunday’s race result…

Bottas reaction, rather similar to Hamilton hitting P3 sign after losing the lead from unnecessary pit stop at Monaco in 2015


Mercedes use of team orders ‘no surprise’ – Christian Horner

“It shouldn’t have been a surprise,” Horner told the media. “I’m surprised it would have been a surprise to anybody.

“It’s very easy to forget that F1 is a team sport. The drivers ultimately drive for the team.”

“What was I suppose slightly confusing about that is that it wasn’t all pre-discussed and agreed going into the event.

“You are fighting for a world championship [and] in that situation it only takes a couple of DNFs [to lose it],” added Horner.

“It’s a constant battle between a drivers’ championship and the self interest of the drivers and the collective interest of the team.

“So you can understand the rationale behind it. It just sounds like the execution wasn’t pre-discussed.”

Has Ferrari been pegged back by the FIA?


Kvyat ‘changed’ at Ferrari – Marko

“It’s simple — Daniil has changed,” said the Red Bull official.

“His speed was always there, but he had problems with the mental side. At Ferrari he matured with the completely different environment. He has also realised how precious it is to have a seat.

“Maybe he went to Ferrari hoping to get a car there, but it was not possible. We always kept in touch. Daniil even called me before Ricciardo called me,” Marko smiled.

“There were not many drivers who were really eligible and the conditions were right, so I’m happy that he is back with us.” (GMM)

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