Raikkonen to take part ownership in Sauber after 2019


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Reports: Kimi Raikkonen to take part ownership in Sauber after 2019

Kimi Raikkonen to take part ownership in Sauber after 2019 in a middle ground worked out between all stakeholders.

Reports in Finland now suggest that, Raikkonen could indeed move to Sauber next season, as a driver and a part owner. He would drive the Sauber for maybe a season and then opt for a more background role with the team.




Why Kimi’s second chance at Ferrari could soon end

If Kimi Räikkönen’s second Ferrari career comes to a close at the end of this season as expected, it will be a great blow to the millions of Kimi fans around the world. But it’s time – overdue, in fact – for him to be replaced in 2019, probably by a driver not much more than half his age: Charles Leclerc.


Qualifying* 2014 2015 2016 2017
Alonso 101.30%
Vettel 100.9% 101.072% 100.458%
Räikkönen +0.549% +0.444% +0.033% +0.326%
Head to head FA 15-3 SV 11-2 KR 10-9 SV 15-4
Race head to head FA 14-1 SV 11-1 SV 12-3 SV 13-2

*As measured by percentage of theoretical seasonal pole

Alonso outqualified Räikkönen in 83.3 per cent of their races together. He beat him in 92.9 per cent of the races

Vettel outqualified Räikkönen in 68.6 per cent of their races together. He beat him in 85.71 per cent of the races




Lewis Hamilton defends Serena Williams after her US Open rant


Mick Schumacher makes it a hat-trick at the Nurburgring!

In the sort of dominant on-track performance usually associated with his famous father, Mick Schumacher successfully clinched a sweep of all three races at this weekend’s round of the FIA Formula 3 European championship at the Nurburgring.

Schumacher interviewed in f4

“I am very happy with my victory and with my great car. My team has done a great job,” he said after taking his fifth win of the season. “In the race, we had two safety car interventions and I had two good restarts. Every time I managed to pull away from Robert, which was important.”



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