A surprising defence of Vettel by Wolff


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Toto Wolff defends Sebastian Vettel: “Criticism against Vettel not fair”

Toto Wolff has defended Sebastian Vettel after the collision with Lewis Hamilton in Monza and said the criticism is not fair:

Wolff: “He has the ambition to always win, if possible, and brings with it the necessary aggressiveness. That takes a lot of courage.

“That it sometimes leads to collisions is part of his way of driving a F1 car. And with that he became a 4-time world champion and you have to recognize that, even if you work with Lewis Hamilton like me.”

“In the high-tech universe of Formula 1, not everything is decided linearly and rationally, but also with luck, misfortune or just coincidence”

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McLaren used Latifi’s £200m to cover cost of Honda split

McLaren Group’s acting chief financial officer Paul Buddin described in a call to investors why the team took the investment.

“The reason we went for that equity was that we recognised our decision, for performance reasons, to take the Honda engine out of the Formula 1 car, would have a significant impact on our cash flows within Formula 1,” said Buddin.

“We have a plan to recover that over the next three, three-and-a-half, four years as we improve performance that will come with improved cashflow from Formula 1 and also knock-on improvements within sponsorship. But for that period we have to fund it and that’s what the equity came in to do.

“We anticipate an improving cashflow position over the next two to three years and we will move back towards cash positive in that timeframe. But it is unlikely to be next year, apart from the investment of course.”



Ocon is exceptional €“- Hamilton

“I’ve always been a supporter of Esteban,” said Hamilton. “I think how he conducts himself and how he performs on track is exceptional.

“I also know, once I’d signed, once Sebastian (Vettel) had signed, things start to fall into place, and you’ve got to be super, super quick, and make sure you’ve got good management, so they’re sharp and make sure they do their diligence and they’re ready to quick-fire in the right direction.

“I’ve not read of who’s signed where and what seats are available, but he needs to be in a great car because he’s one of the top drivers here, so I hope that opportunity is there for him.”



Vandoorne: F1 drivers judged too rashly from race to race

“I know my talent, what I’ve done in the previous series and I don’t have any doubt on myself.

“I think it’s maybe more people around that have any doubts, and you know how it goes sometimes.

“You have one bad weekend and suddenly you’re the worst driver on the grid, and the next day you have a great race and you’re the superstar.”




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