Red Bull’s Adrian Newey drives an F1 car for the first time

Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey drives two F1 cars he designed: a 1990 Leyton House-Judd CG901B and a 2010 Red Bull-Renault RB6.
Back in 2012, the BBC had the coverage for Formula 1 in the UK and they produced this little gem as a segment during the build up to the British Grand Prix.

The Red Bull RB6 won the 2010 constructors’ championship and was the car Sebastian Vettel used to win that year’s drivers’ championship and the Leyton House CG901B competed in the 1990 season. Although the car never won a race, it did perform well considering the old March team were not a powerhouse in F1 at the time.

Certainly the older car is an incredibly good looking machine, and changed the course of Formula 1 aerodynamic design forever.

During the 1990 French Grand Prix, Ivan Capelli driving the Leyton House car led 45 laps of the race until he was slowed by an oil pump problem, and was passed by Alain Prost’s Ferrari with three laps to go.

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