Marchionne critical ‘irreversable’ coma, rumoured to be cancer

Sergio Marchionne’s health has been a cause for concern, ever since the news broke out a few days back of Marchionne stepping down as Ferrari boss due to health issues.

Official reports and the Italian media suggested that Marchionne had stepped down because of a shoulder operation. However, recent developments suggest that this operation wasn’t the normal type that one would expect for routine shoulder surgery.

This is a very sensitive time, so it’s difficult to report anything concrete – but from what we understand, Marchionne is not expected to make a full recovery, if at all.

There are a number of sources reporting the status of the Ferrari boss:

A disease emanating from the prostate had spread in a devastating manner and thus the operation had to be carried out quickly, reported

“Instead of a simple shoulder operation, it was more complex and required complex clinical procedure. An invasive disease emanating from the prostate had already spread in a devastating manner, but only discovered a short time ago.” say the Italian’s.

“An evil that could require further medical investigations and more complex surgical interventions. From here the Marchionne family have drastic decisions to make.”

Ansa news agency reports that, after the Italian-Canadian had to step down from Ferrari and Fiat amid a health crisis, Marchionne is now in what is described as an “irreversible” condition.

Further insight into this terrible news comes from Lettera43 editor Paolo Madron who tweeted last night:

“Things that you would never want to say, but that the duty of news unfortunately requires us. Marchionne is in a deep coma”

There are further reports (in Dagospia site) that state the Sergio Marchionne is suffering from ‘lung cancer’ as he was a chain smoker.

La Repubblica claims that an attempt by intensive care doctors to reduce Marchionne’s sedation after his operation, so that he may attempt to breathe on his own, was unsuccessful.

It is important to note that Fiat Chrysler, the Ferrari parent, has yet to confirm any reports as yet.

But Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte said: “I learn with deep regret the latest news regarding the condition of Sergio Marchionne.

“In this moment my thoughts go to his family.”

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3 responses to “Marchionne critical ‘irreversable’ coma, rumoured to be cancer

  1. it would seem to be extremely sad news for him, his family, friends, associates and business partners. I wish him a miracle and peace…

  2. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in February.
    She underwent surgury to remove the tumor the first week of July.
    She never recovered, and died last Thursday.
    It can go so fast.

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