FIA move to ban Ferrari Halo mirrors

Rumour in the paddock has it that several teams have formally complained to Charlie Whiting about the Ferrari interpretation of the ruling allowing mirrors to be mounted on the Halo device.

Ferrari are the first team to adopt the design, with images shown on TJ13 yesterday. The end of last month the FIA sent out a ruling to the teams allowing them to remount the rear view mirrors on the halo so long as they stayed within the regulatory ‘box’. Their solution includes a winglet mounted high on the car, enhancing performance to the rear wing much in the same manner as last year’s shark fin mounted T Wings.

Force India’s technical director Andy Green has stated:

“It’s something we’ve not dared to do yet, I still think it’s a great idea however, it goes to show how far Ferrari will go: to the limit”

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The other teams have lodged complaints and according to Germany’s AMuS, Charlie Whiting was seen taking close up pictures of Ferrari’s mirrors with his mobile phone. It is thought that the Italians have likely gone too far and the FIA will instruct Ferrari to remove them, reverting to the original mirrors run since the start of the season.

If Whiting decides that actually it’s a mirror with a winglet, it’s likely that it’ll be left alone. If it’s decided that Ferrari have actually attached a mirror to a wing, then it’ll be deemed illegal. Ferrari claim that the placement is to aid rear visibility and has little to do with aerodynamic gain.

Update 12/06/18 12:05

Ferrari rear view mirror with its attached winglet will be deemed illegal from Monaco onwards. So Ferrari has to change their solution for the next race.


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8 responses to “FIA move to ban Ferrari Halo mirrors

    • Yeah. Just flaunting what they cream of the top in revenue to dally with tweaks that could be forbade…….

      • Ridiculous argument.

        I’m guessing you’re aware that Ferrari have been ‘creaming’ off the top for many years right? As Cav said, Saward is nauseating at repeating this bull****

        We won’t mention the historical payments that every other major team receives because that would shatter the illusion.

        Digressing aside, if Ferrari have been shafting the sport with money all these years, how come they have been so poor, relatively speaking?

        Maybe it’s that other fable presented by the British media, you need a Brit designer to win races. Oh the irony since Marchionne sacked part timer blagger James Allison.

        Who’s he? He’s the one who’s made the Mercedes poorer. I’ve ssid it all along, Allison is to designing cars what Sam Michaels was to running a team.

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