Tyre selections for Baku – Ferrari Stay Aggressive

The tyre selections for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix have been released. Ferrari once again have opted to bring more of the ultrasoft, with 10 sets each for each driver, while this time they will split strategy, with Vettel taking 2 sets of supersofts and 1 set of softs, with Raikkonen taking 2 sets of softs and just the one set of supersofts. Mercedes will take 9 sets of ultras for each driver, with Hamilton having an even split of 2 supersofts and 2 softs, while Bottas will have 3 sets of supers and just the one set of softs. Red Bull will hedge their bets even further, with 8 sets of ultras, 3 sets of supers and 2 sets of softs for both drivers. Further down the grid Renault stand out as taking the fewest sets of ultras (7) for each driver, giving both 4 sets of supers to play with.



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