Vandoorne: First impression in the McLaren-Renault

Concept by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut

On February 23, the new McLaren MCL33-Renault will be presented to the public for the first time.

McLaren’s young driver from Belgium, Stoffel Vandoorne has already tested the car virtually in McLaren’s simulator.

The 25-year-old Belgian is impressed.

Many McLaren fans, indeed many F1 fans, are hopeful that McLaren will advance up the field in 2018. Since the unusually tidy appearing divorce from Honda; there is a sense of optimism in the factory of the second most successful team now that there’s a Renault lump in the back.

McLarens surly Spanish driver Alonso has repeatedly said: “We know how good our chassis has been in 2017. Sometimes we were as fast as the top cars at certain areas on track. The chain around the leg is well known.” – it doesn’t take a genius to know he meant Honda.

Alonso’s manager Flavio Briatore concurs with his ‘Spanish Samurai’ saying “We will be back on the podium with the new McLaren Renault.”

Stoffel got a first taste of what to expect from the McLaren MCL33-Renault over the last couple of weeks.

“The first and most powerful impression after the first day in the simulator is that the change to Renault is an inspired change for us. The feeling is very positive, even though we must try to remember that the simulator isn’t completely comparable to real driving.”

The young Belgium continues by saying “We’re all burning for the testing to begin. The pressure increases and we have two world class teams to aim for in Red Bull Racing and Renault. Red Bull were world champions and won races last year, Renault are growing year by year but I feel the pressure as a positive. To improve, we need this pressure.”

“I learned a lot in my first full season, and with Fernando I had the best team mate a driver could imagine. Our results have emphasised that there is no substitute for experience. Certainly we had hoped for better results in 2017 but the year wasn’t lost. I feel I became a better driver and I improved a lot during the season. I now know all the working processes and that will help me for 2018.”

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  1. I really do hope he does well. His codriver is running out of excuses. Mclaren cant hide installation errors as ICE failures anymore. I think Honda will dime them out if they do.

    • What??? This is not rallying what ‘codriver’ are you talking about? And what the hell is with your retarded comment about blaiming engine installation on engine performance?? Comment again when you have come back to earth from your delusion.

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