Renault set to build completely new car for 2018

Renault technical director Nick Chester reveals prior to the next GP in Brazil that Carlos Sainz and Nico Hulkenberg will be racing in a completely different car for the 2018 season.

Despite both the drivers and constructors championships having been decided, there are still two more race weekends to go with the next at Sao Paulo in Brazil, renowned for often being a rain struck race.

“The weather in Brazil provides a lot of tension, because you never know exactly what it will do. In the past nine years we had four rain races there! And this year we have not experienced many GP on a wet track so that would be interesting. But whatever comes, we are well prepared for all conditions. ” explains the Renault technical chief.

It’s a very interesting track that consists of three very different sectors. The first sector is fairly fast, with some intermediate and fast corners and a short straight that offers an overtaking opportunity thanks to DRS. The middle sector is very winding, which should highlight the strengths of our car. The end follows the uphill section and then a long long straight. That’s a very interesting layout, ”

In Brazil, the altitude is less of an issue, the air density is only ten percent lower than usual. In Mexico, it was 25 percent, so we should have it much easier in Brazil. We do not expect any big dramas in terms of temperatures, and we’ll try a few tunes to prepare for the race weekend, ”

The Enstone based Renault works team has had continued growth and a much investment since being known as Lotus. When asked about the development of the 2018 car, the 48-year-old explains: “We are making great progress at the Enstone plant, and we are fully focused on that at the moment. Because although the rules remain largely unchanged, it will be a completely new car. We’ve learned a lot about the aerodynamics and balance of the 2017 car this year, so I’m convinced the new racer will be a clear step forward. We will also do some aerodynamic measurements in Brazil to help develop the 2018 package. “

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  1. Well there’s a suprise, a completely new car for 2018. Enter quietly shuffling from stage left the ex FIA technical director Marcin Budkowski who just happens to have had detailed drawings and specifications of chassis and engines for 2017/18 of every team pass across his desk. Oops, have I gone too far your honour?

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