Driver of the weekend: 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix

Who was your driver of the 2017 Malaysian GP weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

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  1. Oh, come on kids! Verstappen or Vettel!?!? I don’t see that either did anything very extraordinary at all.

    Max passed Lewis with a bat flattery at the end of the main straight – and Hamilton didn’t even fight for the place. Then of course, to his credit, Max fought on with spectacular bravery in clean air with no one to bother him until the blue-flagged back markers scrambled out of his way. Remarkable!!!!

    Seb drove a much quicker car past all the slower ones and then ceased making progress once he came upon a car with comparable (but still lesser) speed who put up one corner’s worth of resistance. Sensational!!!

    ALL of the top six drivers have now had a race where they started out of position and then *carved* their way through slower traffic. It’s Gran Tourismo on Easy!!!*

    Surely Perez or Vandoorne or Gasly deserve the nod for driver of the weekend??? Vandoorne for mine – out-qualified Fred and finished with three MB-powered buggies right behind him and his anaemic Honda.

    *I do the odd track day and once watched a youtube video that mentioned threshold braking so I am an expert driver.

    • HaHa – couldn’t agree more – also voted for Vandoorne who even beat Fred on a “power” circuit!!

    • I tend to agree with you – certainly at the front. Hamilton’s sole goal from now until the last race is simply be ahead of Vettel. I doesn’t matter if he is third or fourth as long Vettel is behind him. So he’ll simply move over and stay out of any potential trouble.

      • Well maybe, just maybe he wasn’t fast enough this race to hold of Verstappen?

        I know this may sounds highly impossible and Lewis probably made a walk in the park by letting Verstappen take the win with a slower car. But just think about the possiblity that it could be that he wasn’t fast enough like the team and Lewis said themselfs…

          • At least we know what happens if you try to blackmail Ron Dennis because you’re struggling with a rookie. You get duped into driving a Honda for 3 years.

            Lesson learnt.

          • Well what if a employee asks you to throw away millions of investements because you have a hard time dealing with it?

            Alonso always got what he wanted and a team principal that was happy to please him… Throwing Fisichella and Trulli (two great racers) for the wolfs to favour Alonso. Ron Dennis did not invest millions in to Lewis his career to throw him for the wolfs to favour Alonso. Because it could/would break Lewis his spirit and makes him look bad although he is hugely talented.

            I wouldn’t have done it either…

            If you are better then this kid as multiple WDC then prove it on track and not with political mindgames of track. This type of behaviour towards Fisichella, Trulli, Lewis, Piquet jr. and Massa made me dislike him. It’s only now he is more layed back that I start to like him more. Because he always was a great driver!

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