Rate the Race: 2017 Austrian Grand Prix

How would you rate the 2017 Austrian GP? Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

7 responses to “Rate the Race: 2017 Austrian Grand Prix

  1. The best thing about the race was that MB didn’t just trample everyone. After Bottas just drove through the field the other week like it was Gran Tourismo on Easy, I was thinking that LH was good for third at a canter.

    I’m sick and tired of saying WTF Williams, so I’ll leave it out this week. Oh…

  2. 5
    Race was boring after Lap 1 incident and only at end was it somewhat interesting. However with aero wash and ragged tires neither Vettel or Hamilton were going to pass unless they forced a mistake.

  3. I don’t know how long the FOM contract with Red Bull Ring lasts but hopefully its not long and they can move the race to Imola or even Zandvoort.

    • It’s not FOM. If either of those sites wanted a race, they would procured one.
      Azerbaijan is new, Singapore wants out, Germany can’t regularly support a race, and now we here Silverstone bailing-out.

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