Red Bull: “Only we can end contracts, the drivers cannot.” – Helmut Marko

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Red Bull drivers cannot end contracts says Marko

Red Bull has control of the destinies of its F1 drivers.

“Ricciardo and Verstappen have fixed contracts,” he said. “Ricciardo for 2018, and Verstappen with some clauses for even much longer.” (GMM)

Why Robert Kubica’s worth the wait

Better than Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel?

In the gap between the Monaco and Canadian grands prix, a minor motor racing miracle played out as Robert Kubica delivered a sensational performance in testing the Renault team’s old Lotus E20 F1 car at the Valencia track.

After six years away from an F1 cockpit (or a single-seater of any sort) and with a permanently disabled right arm from his rallying accident, by the team’s description he simply took up where he had left off, drove as if he’d never been away. Just a week before his rallying accident in January 2011, he had set the fastest time at the F1 winter test at this very circuit.

Hyundai rules out F1

 A great way to lose money: that’s how Hyundai views Formula 1, regarded as the pinnacle of motorsport. Speaking at a media event to showcase its new N performance sub-brand, its boss, Albert Biermann, was scathing of F1’s ability to shed money.

“Formula 1 is like burning money,” says Biermann. “There are more interesting ways of burning money.”

Max Verstappen gets his own store!

Many Formula 1 drivers have their own line of clothes and merchandise, but Max Verstappen has gone a step further, opening his own brick-and-mortar shop.

6 responses to “Red Bull: “Only we can end contracts, the drivers cannot.” – Helmut Marko

  1. Sainz has a contract connecting him to RedBull/TorroRosso for after 2017? Hmm.. Carlos will not be happy driving a TorroRosso in 2018. RedBull is targetting to sell his contract?

    • That might be, or they make him reserve at RedBull. I expect a new line up for Toro Rosso in 2018. RedBull has always said that Torro Rosso is for training and testing new drivers and both Sainz and Kyvat have been a while at the team. Maybe they the let Sainz go to Renault as a gesture to their engine suplier and to avoid a second Buen situation.

  2. “Hyundai rules out F1”

    Not surprising. Every manufacturer has seen what has happened to Honda with financial cost and damage it has to to their brand. And also seeing Renault getting routinely trashed by Red Bull.

    If I ran a car company and wanted to be involved in a top class motor racing series it would be the WEC and not F1.


    Contracts are made to be broken. If a driver wants to end a contract, he can … he will just underperform and accept the consequences. This won’t help the driver and it certainly will not help Red Bull so they will find a solution that works for both parties. I may be wrong though.

    • If a driver underperforms he would never find another seat unless he brings in a lot of sponsor money. If a driver wants to break his contract with RedBull the option is not to race F1 during the re meaning time of the contract, depending on the contract maybe start doing another sport instead of racing.
      Helmut Marko has said that he does not train drivers so that they can drive for the competition. If RedBull did invest in a driver they will not just let go a driver.

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